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Our Software

Below you will find some software we've written as part of our general day to day development.

AliasFinderCL (v1.0.2.87)

AliasFinderCL is a utility to allow players of PunkBuster enabled multi-player games to identify and track other gamers.

A website dedicated to AliasFinderCL with updates, support forums and much more is available here.


cardWatch (v1.0.2.32)

cardWatch is a small utility designed to make it easy to transfer the images from your digital camera or memory card to your storage location on your PC.

You simply tell it some basic information about where the images come from and where to put them and cardWatch will take care of everything else for you.
Features: -

• Copy or Move files to the destination
• Customisable Destination
• Customisable Destination Sub-Folder
• Insert date into folder name.
• Insert incrementing number in to folder name.
• Insert user entered description into folder name.
• Thumbnail Preview (Limited Camera RAW support)
• Delete Files

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Cygnus (v2.2)

Cygnus is a Winamp plugin which allows users to manage their Winamp MP3 play list via their web browser.

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Darf (V1.0.2.63)

Darf is a small utility which sits in your system tray and periodically changes your desktop wallpaper from a list of photographs. Each photographer sets up their own "channel" and decides which photographs to publish in their channel. Darf simply chooses images from the channel to display on your desktop.

Darf was origionally written to help promote our Verdant Vista gallery.

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PSB (v4.0.0.71)

PSB is a game server browser limited to PunkBuster enabled games. Further it only displays game servers know to have a strong anti-cheater policy and who are affiliated with

PSB was written for the staff and users of