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Business Users

We can offer both hourly rates and fixed contracts to our business users. Please ask us for details.

Business Rates
DescriptionRate (per hour) 
Onsite Support £50
Software/Web Development £40
Art & Design £25
Photography/Processing £30/£20

Home Users

There are three different ways we can handle a given repair. We can repair your PC in your home, you can drop it off at our premises or we can collect the PC and drop it off later once fixed.

When in your home, we will endeavour to repair your system as quickly as possible. If we feel a repair will take longer than expected, we may suggest removing your PC for repair at our premises. Repairs at our premises are charged at a lower hourly rate.

Repairs at our premises have an advantage in that we can do other things while time consuming tasks are being performed by the PC. For example, doing a virus scan can take in excess of 3 hours, all of which you would have to pay for if we where in your home. Doing the same virus scan at our premises allows us to do other things. As we only charge for time actively spent on the repair, this reduces the final cost to you.

Here are our rates: -

Home Rates
Repairs in your home £40 for the first hour then £30 per hour thereafter.
Repairs at our premises £20 per hour
Pickup/Drop off fee £10
Photography/Processing £30/£20

Pickup/Drop Off Service

We will arrange a suitable time to collect your PC from your home. We will make the repairs at our premises then return it back to you, reconnect everything and go through the repair with you.

No Fix/No Fee

If we can't fix your system you will not be charged. It's that simple. There are some caveats which are detailed below.

No Fix/No Fee Notes.
  • Home users only.
  • If we are called out and we can't fix your PC, there is still a £10 call out charge levied. You can avoid this by dropping off the PC to our premises (Please call first)
  • If we can fix your PC but you choose not to proceed then the hourly rate still applies.
  • All prices exclude any hardware or software needed to complete a repair.