Welcome To Darf

Darf is a small application which sits in your system tray and periodically changes your desktop wallpaper from a list or channel of images provided by photographers.

Darf is free to use although some of the channels may require payment to the original artist.

To use Darf, simply install it, tell it how often you want to change your desktop wallpaper, subscribe to your chosen channel and you're off! You can then minimize Darf to your system tray and forget all about it.


You can download Darf by clicking the link below.

Download Darf v1.0.4.74
Darf Installer



Advanced Darf

Publishing Your Own Darf Channel

If you like, you can publish your own Darf channel by downloading the Darf Channel Administration module. This generates channel control files which you then upload to your webspace. From there you tell us where your Darf Channel Control file is and we add it to the central Darf database. Once in the database, anyone using Darf can see your channel.

Download Darf Channel Administration Module
Darf Admin

Once you have downloaded the admin module, run it. There's no installer and it doesn't require any special configuration. You simply run it, enter the details you want to have for your Darf channel, add the links to your images then save your Darf Channel Control File.

Once saved, you upload the Darf Channel Control File to your website then send us a link. We'll then add it to the Darf central database.

Once in the database you can make changes to the control file at will, these will automatically be picked up by Darf users subscribing to your channel.